Current Stable Projects

Log Analyser

Android Logcat Parser

The log parser allows you to parse Android device logs for easy of use. It also contains a list of useful commands of what you can do with ADB.

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Search Engine

AirWatch Environment Finder

Allows you to search AirWatch environment information using a registered email. It leverages AirWatch AutoDiscovery API for easy of use.

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API Explorer

AirWatch API Tester

Perform simple API queries with ease. Quick test if a GET query works? Don't know how to use cURL, PowerShell or even Postman? This is the tool for you.

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SAM Tools

Do you have a Zendesk account and would like a simple solution to track your work? This may be the tool for you. Project is currently by invite only.

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Patrick Pulfer

Since my early days I've always been passionate about Web Development & Coding in general.